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Hooghly, sometimes written as Hugli is a small town that lies west of the Hooghly river. The place forms one of the districts of West Bengal and an important one. Like Kolkata city, Hugli has a history of its own and very parallel to Kolkata. The region was one of the commanding post of early colonial powers in the 17th century. The town was originally founded by Portuguese in the year 1537 following the decline of Satgaon.

Hugli region as it exists today is a developing commercial centre. The town is provided with many well established industrial units. Rice milling and rubber goods manufacture are the prime industries in the region. The manufacture of brass, bell metal, jute mills, flour mills, bricks and tile works have gained momentum and are fast pulling the township towards a full developed commercial area.

The place houses many local attractions like Imam Barah, Bandel Church and Hansweswari Temple. Yet other places of interest in the region include Tarakeshwar, Radhanagor, Devanandpur and Chandannagore.

The place is traversed by good number of water channels and marshes. The place can easily be accessed from Kolkata city via bus or train. The East Indian Railway has a major railway line that travels through Hooghly mainland.

  • Hugli is about 23 kms from the city of Kolkata and towards north of it. There is a regular bus service from Kolkata to Hugli region, especially from the northern peripheral regions of Kolkata.
  • The region can also be accessed by travelling in the train. The trains from Sealdah Railway Station run into the region.

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