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Jadavpur or Jadabpur constitutes one of the downtown areas in the southern most region of Kolkata. Jadabpur with the nearby regions of Talligunj, Santoshpur and Bijoy Garh are important commercial centres in Kolkata south. The place is marked by a good number of local population residing in here. The place contains one of the premier educational institutes of Kolkata and the India. The place got its name from early settlers who were primarily diarymen. These diarymen were popular by the name 'Yadav' and hence the name Jadavpur or Jadabpur.

Jadabpur has a number of reputed educational institutes grounded on its territories. The Jadavpur University, located in the precincts provides the requisite means for those going for higher education. One of the distinguished ex faculties of Jadavpur University is the Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. Other premier institutes in the region are Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute and Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. The region is marked with a number of elementary schools and technical institutes. The Regional Computer Centre, training institute, further renders the service in order to meet the growing requirements of the population in the region. The locality of Jadabpur also houses a number of health care institutes. The Kumud Sankar Roy Hospital is one of the prime service providers in and around Jadabpur.

Jadavpur Coffee House and College Street Coffee House have served many generations in the region. These places have served as favorite sites for debates and discussions. For thinktanks, there is no better place than the mentioned ones.

  • Jadavpur lies to the south of the city at a distance of about 10 kms from the center. Buses either ply from the center or the southern regions like Taliganja.
  • By train one can reach the area as Jadavpur Railway Station is grounded in the premises.
  • The international airport lies in the far north end, some 18 kms away. Domestic airport lies to the west of the Jadavpur and separated by a distance of about 8 kms.
Areas Under Jadavpur
  • Santoshpur
  • Bijoy Garh
  • Refugee Colony

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