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Accounting Firms

Name and Information Address
S.G. Bavishi Associates
Its a firm of chartered accountants specialized in taxation, accounting and auditing matter.

P-15, India Exchange Place Extn.
Kolkata - 700 073
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2236 8188
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2221 9732, 2237 1979
G. Choudhry & Associate
Established in 1976, they provide services in NSDL, service tax, income tax and MCA.

12/2, Old Post Office Street, 3rd Floor
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2248 7606, 2248 1377
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2248 5350

Marodia Khanna & Associates
Established in 1990, Marodia Khanna & Associates offers services in accounting, taxation, service tax, human resource, stock verification etc.

4, Gangadhar Babu Lane,
Kolkata - 700 012
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2225 1946
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2234 9739

B. M. Chatrath & Co.
The firm was started in 1923 in Lahore but in 1947 shifted to Kolkata. They offer services in audit, bank office support, BPO, statutory compliances, due diligence service, companies act, advises, financial management, taxation, income tax, WCT act etc.

India Steamship House,
21 Old Court House Street,
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2248 4575, 2248 4667
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2248 9934
Sultania Rajesh & Co.
A professionally managed accounting firm specialized in accounting & auditing, direct & indirect taxation, commercial law services, corporate law consultancy and management and financial.

7/1B, Grant Lane, 2nd Floor
Kolkata - 700 012
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2344 989

Mukesh Bajaj & Associates
Set up in 1999, Mukesh Bajaj & Associates has 16 years hands on experience in auditing. The consultancy firm provides services related to income tax, accounting finance etc.

29/B B.K. Paul Avenue
Kolkata - 700 005
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2218 5814, 2271 9164.
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2270 7760

K. S. Aiyar & Co
The oldest and well known Accountancy firm in India. The firm provides services in audit & assurance, taxation and management consultancy.

Syed Amir Ali Avenue Flat - 2, 4th Floor
Kolkata - 700 017
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2281 7653,
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2281 7654

O.P Aggarwal & Company
A professional accountancy firm providing services in the field of audit, income tax, accounting services and corporate law.

9 B,Madan Chatterjee Lane,
Singhi Bagan(Ground Floor)
Kolkata - 700 007
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2269 1812,227 32421

BT Associates
BT Associates was established in 1999, with a joint venture of Mr. Bhaskar Thakkar & Mr. Biswaroop Todi. The firm is providing financial services in service tax, vat, anti duping duties, strategic consulting & advisory, compliance support, litigation, trade facilitation and support and representation.

3B, Lalbazar Street, Room No.15,
Sir RNM House, Basement,
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2534 2717

Gaurab Basu & Co.
Gaurab Basu & Co. is located in South Kolkata. The firm offers the services of audit & investigation, direct taxes, indirect taxes, finance, corporate law, system, human resource consulting and equity research.

27 A, Gariahat Road
Kolkata - 700 031
Tel:+(91)-(33)-6450 8148
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2472 7765

Doshi Chatterjee Bagri & Co.
Doshi Chatterjee Bagri & Co provides financial services like business solution, IT enabled services, HR consulting, foreign investor services, du diligence review, corporate finance and restructuring, tax advisory & legal consulting and assurance and advisory.

2, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, 3A, Saket
Kolkata - 700 089
Tel:+(91)-(33)-4005 0907,4005 0908
Fax:+(91)-(33)-4005 0910

Bansal & Company
Bansal & Company is one of the well known company which is having their offices in all of the major cities in India. The firm provide financial solution in application process, finance/accounting and human resources.

P-3, New CIT Road, Tiretti IInd Floor
P.B. No. 449, GPO
Kolkata - 700 073
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2237 4951

J Gupta & Co
J Gupta & Co. was start working as an accounting firm in 14th December 1983. The firm provide all type of services in payroll, legal services, service tax, vat & sales tax, taxation, foreign investment and management consulting.

12, Waterloo Street Room No.10,
2nd & 3rd Floor
Kolkata - 700 069
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2248 5923,2320 2497

S.S Kothari & Mehta Co.
Setup in 1953, as an accounting firm, they are specialized in statutory audit, management & operational efficiency audit, corporate restructuring, corporate law & merchant banking advisory services, corporate finance, tax management and management consulting services.

India Steamship House 21A Old Court House Street
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2248 2758,2248 0279

Datta Gupta & Associate
Datta Gupta Associates provides a specialized financial advice to their clients. The firm is well known for providing financial services like accounting & auditing, tax services, International business structure, new owner managed business support, corporate finance, company secretarial etc.

115 J Rashbehari Avenue, Ground Floor,
Kolkata - 700 029
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2464 0879, 2337 2482
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2463 4629

R.S.Dwary & Co.
This is a Kolkata based chartered firms having experience in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and various project related works. We have various big corporate client. We provide various auditing works like internal Audit, Statutory Audit, stock Audit etc. We have expertise in Direct as well as indirect taxation. We have branches in Deoghar.

105, Rakhal Das Auddy Road,
Kolkata-700 027
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2449 8647, 9874647256
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