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Diagnostic Centers

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BBD Bagh
Body Care Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd
A popular diagnostic center in Central Kolkata, offer all the latest treatment of Xray, ultrasound etc.

276 Rabindra Sarani
Kolkata - 700 007
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2239 8405
Belle Vue Clinic
Belle Vue Clinic was established in 1967, they provide CT scan facility, blood bank, ultrasonography, MRI, mammography.

9 & 10, Loudon Street
Kolkata - 700 017
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2287 6925, 2287 7473
Fax:+(91)-(33) 2280 6925
Institute of Child Health
One of the finest diagnostic center in this region, specialized in diagnostic treatment and other services that provides Xray, ECG, ultrasound etc.

11 Dr Biresh Guha Street
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2247 5515, 2247 5686
The Apollo Clinic
Doctors Chambers: Cardilogist, Gynaecologist, Paediatrist, Internal Medicine, Dermatologist, ENT, Orthopaedist, Diabetalogistetcare available. Diagnostic Services: X Ray, Ultrasound, BMD(Dexa Scan), Mammography, TMT(Stress Test), Ecocardiogram, Colour Doppler, ECG, OPG (Dental X Ray). Pathology Laboratory- NABL accredited, Dental Clinic, Health Check Up Packages, Home Blood Collection facilities.

39 Shakespeare Sarani (Near Kala Manir)
Kolkata - 700 017
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2283 7407, 08, 09
Fax:+(91)-(33) 2289 3022
Tra General Hospital
They offer Xray, USG & Echo cardiography, E.C.G, pathology and physiotherapy facilities to their patients.

7 Dr. Biresh Guha Street
Kolkata - 700 017
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2289 4346
Eastern Diagnostic & Medical Center Ltd.
One of the most reliable diagnostic center in Central Kolkata, with all the latest machine. It provides all the facilities.

Mirza Galib Street
Kolkata - 700 016
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2217 8080, 2217 8081
Mediclue Research & Diagnostic
Providing all advanced diagnostic facilities to their patients. They also provide all type of test like blood, urine, stool etc.

68 Chowringhee Road
Kolkata - 700 020
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2281 1138
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Salt Lake City (Bidhan Nagar)
The Apollo Clinic
The Apollo Clinic offers services like Digital X-ray,Ultrasound, TMT, Echo,PFT, ECG, Lab testing, Health Checks, Dental, Pharmacy, Home blood Collection etc.

G101, City Centre Mall, Dc Block, Sector-1 , Saltlake,
Kolkata - 700 064
Tel:+(91)-(33) 23581021/22/23
Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
One of the largest health care provider in Asia, they provide all the services related to diagnostic with latest equipment.

No. 58, Canal Circular Road
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2320 3040
Fax:+(91)-(33) 2320 5184
JMD Medicare Ltd
It is engaged in providing all the facilities related to CT scan, MRI, Xray, ultrasound, USG etc.

P336 CIT Road, Scheme VI M
Kolkata - 700 054
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2352 9338
Dr. M. N. Chatterjee Memorial Eye Hospital
They are engaged in providing all type of test, Xray, ultrasound etc.

295/1, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road
Kolkata - 700 009
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Dum Dum
No Entry Found

Lake Town
Lake View Clinic
Providing Xray, OPG, USG, ultrasound and all the latest facilities on a very low cost.

P 334 Lake Town, Block A
Kolkata - 700 089
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2534 9979
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Nager Bazar
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Shobha Bazar
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Shyam Bazar
Doyen Diagnostic & Research Foundation
One of the famous diagnostic center in this region, provides Xray, ultrasound and other diagnostic treatment.

59 Bhupen Bose Avenue
Kolkata - 700 004
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2555 8148
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Kothari Medical Centre
One of the finest diagnostic and therapeutic center in Kolkata. They also provide nursing facilities for rapid and cost effective cure for common man.

8/3, Alipore Road
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2456 7050
Fax: +(91)-(33) 2456 7044
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Peerless Hospital & B.K.Roy Research Center
Its a most reliable diagnostic center available in South Kolkata, offering round the clock services in CT scan, blood bank etc.

Mail 360 Panchasayar
Kolkata - 700 094
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2462 0071, 2462 0073
Fax:+(91)-(33) 2462 0766
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Jodhpur Park
No Entry Found

Calcutta Heart Research Centre
It is a complete diagnostic and treatment center with all the latest equipment, they offer computerized E. C. G, lung function test, Xray, immunology etc.

114B, Sarat Bose Road
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2239 3373, 2474 7613
Fax:+(91)-(33) 2476 0740
N G Medicare And Cal Hope Infertility
It is a diagnostic center with ultra modern machines and provide the latest facilities.

123a Rash Behari Avenue
Kolkata - 700 029
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2463 1376
Ruby Hospital
They provide 24 hours diagnostic services to their patients with the latest equipments. They offer Xray, ultrasound, CT scan etc.

Kasba Golpark, E. M. Bypass
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2442 6091, 2442 6576
Fax:+(91)-(33) 2442 6577
Life Line Clinic
Located in South Kolkata, Life Line Clinic is one of the reliable diagnostic centre having all the modern equipments. They provide all diagnostic facilities.

370/1/G Netaji Subhas Bose Road
Kolkata - 700 047
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2471 8482
Cancer Centre Welfare Home And Research Insititute
Its a cancer centre, which believes in latest diagnostic techniques and facilities. They provide multiple conventional as well as portable XRay machines, CT scan etc.

Mahatma Gandhi Road, Thakurpukur
Kolkata - 700 063
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2453 2781, 2453 2782
Fax: +(91)-(33) 2467 8002
Garden Reach
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North 24 Parganas
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South 24 Parganas
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Alfa Medical Services Pvt Ltd
One of the leading diagnostic center in his area, provide all services in diagnostic medicine. They provide the facility of Xray, blood test, USG etc.

21/1 Dobson Road Howrah
Kolkata - 711 101
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2666 7494
Debsishu Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd.
An established nursing home provides all diagnostic facilites. The services includes all type of blood test, ultrasonically etc.

40, Debson Road, Near Ambika Tower
Kolkata - 711 101
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2676 9816
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