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Food & Dining

Food & Dining
City Scene
Food and Dining is in itself an experience in Kolkata city. Diversity is prevalent in the Kolkata city and food is no exception. The cosmopolitan population relishes a great variety of dishes and recipes. Vegetarian, non vegetarian, sweet dishes, there is something for everyone. One interesting fact about the city is that there are more than 270 restaurants in the city alone. These restaurants serve all kinds of dishes encompassing veg and non veg dishes, deserts, soups, appetizers and popular sweet dishes of Bengal. From street vendors to star hotels the food is a speciality of these people. It is like the local population are not satisfied with their home food.

Kolkata Special
The popular food of Kolkata consists of rice called as bhat, lentils, fish curry popularly as macher jhol and sweets. These are supplemented by luchi and tarkari which are fried bread and and fried vegetables with curry. The snacks comprise of Singara, Jilpi, Kachuri and Alur Chop. Some other recipes include Khichdi (blended rice and lentils), labra (mixed vegetables) begun bhaja (plant slices in fried eggs), dim bhaja (fried eggs) and alu posto (fried potatoes). The sweets include the popular rasgolla, sandesh, payesh, jilpi and pantua. The best restaurants in the city are provided by the star hotels.

Kolkata Menu
The popular dishes served in restaurants include Punjabi, Mughlai, South Indian dishes and Chinese. Chinese food like the rest of the places is quite popular. Chowmein is served at most of the restaurants. There are several stores that sell confectionery like pastries and patties. In the recent years Thai and Mexican food is gaining popularity. The city is provided with a great number of Pizza huts. In Kolkata one needs to have an appetite and rest is all secured.

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