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General Information

Kolkata represents one of the four metropolitan cities of India. The city makes up the capital of the eastern state of India, West Bengal. The city, formerly designated as Calcutta, sway's rich cultural and demographic resources. The popularity of Kolkata, as one of the premier cities in India, reached its heights in the pre independence era. The city in a short span, about 400 years, has evolved into one of the major commercial areas and a great learning centre in the sub continent.

Kolkata city is situated on the west banks of Hooghly River, in the state of West Bengal. The city forms the eastern fringes of the state and lies close to the neighboring country, Bangladesh. The sea, Bay of Bengal, is not far from the place and is about 60 miles away. The approximate distance from other important cities of India are: Delhi - 1461 kms, Mumbai - 1987 kms, Chennai - 1676 kms, Hyderabad - 1576 kms, Jaipur 1472 kms, Agra - 1258 kms.

The metropolitan area approximates to about 1380 sq kms.

Kolkata has sub tropical climate with summer monsoons. The annual mean temperature puts close to 26 °C. The summers are hot and humid whereas winters are moderate. The region receives an annual rainfall of about 1,582 mm and most of it is poured during the monsoon season.

The city holds a burgeoning population that is moving closer to 15 millions. The city suburbs are densely populated. The average population density is about 33,000 for every square kilometre.

Kolakata is one of the largest jute producing cities in the world. Besides jute major industries include that of heavy engineering, chemicals, glass, ceramics and paper.

The city is provided with a number of transportation options. The city utilizes almost all the modes, incorporating roadways, railways, subways, water transport and airways. For public convenience there are buses, taxis, trams, metro (subway cars), railways, ferries, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. The airport at Dum Dum serves as the international airport, where as the one at Behala constitutes the domestic one.

Famous For
The city has quite a number of aspects which makes it a prime tourist destination in India. The city is primarily famous as a great learning and commercial centre.

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