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Do's & Don'ts

Kolkata is a very renowned place in India. The city gates are always open to the tourists and travellers and one really receives a hearty welcome by the resindentia. Kolkata incorporates a very liberal society. The influence of some of the greatest scholars of India has been more or less direct. This is what a person feels once inside the city premises. However, there are certain things which must be avoided to make the stay or journey in Kolkata more meaningful. Some of these practices are:

  • If you are planning for a visit to the city then winter season is the most appropriate time. The summers are hot and humid and in monsoons there is lot of down pouring. October to February is the best time to move into the place.
  • Before starting the journey be sure to carry minimum of the luggage. Kolkata is a very crowded place and to carry heavy luggage means lots of hassles.
  • The public transport is very crowded and there are good chances of your pocket being picked in buses and metro. So act wise and travel by bus or taxi.
  • There are many places of interest contained in Kolkata. Leaving aside the monuments, make sure to check out the famous learning centres.
  • Kolkata is a place with a rich and polished culture. The Bengali people are quite lively and eloquent. In Kolkata try to get the experience of interacting with the locals.
  • Fish and Sweets are two things Bengali food never misses. Have a taste of the popular food served in Kolkata.
  • Make sure to visit some of the oldest coffee houses in Kolkata.
  • Try to avoid intermediaries and fraudulent travel agents. It is better to take some pain and consult government information offices.

  • Do not attempt to travel without tickets in public transport.
  • Avoid to commute in the peak office hours as the streets are often jammed with traffic.
  • Always make sure to carry a small litter bag. It won't be a good practice to dump the litter at public places.
  • Kolkatans are very particular about their culture. Do not make any kind of nuisance regarding the popular culture.

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