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Important Facts

The city of Kolkata is one amongst the four metropolitan cities of India. The city has emerged in a very short span of time as a major commercial and learning centre. It is hard to describe or define the city in a single or few statements. The following facts elucidate vital information about the city:
Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal state and located in Eastern India on the banks of river Hoogli.
Kolkata is one of the most populated cities of India. The city has an approximate population of about 13.5 million.
The metropolitan district area of Kolkata is 1380.12 sq km whereas the city are is 187.33 sq km.
The city has a sub tropical climate with summer monsoons. The maximum temperature in summers reach to about 41 °C. The temperature in the winters drops to a minimum of 9 °C.
The monsoon months are those between June to early September. The city receives an abundant rainfall during this period. The city receives annual rainfall of 1581 mm.
Principal Languages
The popular languages in Kolkata are Bengali, Hindi and English.
The city despite having a good cosmopolitan population comprising of Marwaris, Parsis, Anglo Indians, Jews, Armenians and East Asians the city has a culture which is hard to describe. The local culture encompasses the cosmopolitan features plus regional norms and values.
Best time to visit:
Best time to visit the city is during winter season that is from October to March.
Distance from other metropolitan cities:
Delhi - 1461 kms, Mumbai - 1987 kms, Chennai - 1676 kms

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