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Hyatt Regency kolkata
Kolkata city is lined up with hotels that range from luxury hotels to cheap budget hotels. The population in the city has witnessed a tremendous hike in the last half of the 20th century following regular inflow of people from the surrounding areas. This phenomenon has led to the establishment of hundreds of hotels for the travellers and tourists. The reason, that is Kolkata's being the largest metropolitan city of India, has been good enough to invest in the establishment of these hotels. One of the most populated cities of India makes sure that everybody sleeps under a cover.

Luxury and star hotels cater to higher ends, people who can afford a luxurious and comfortable stay, travel, dining and other experiences. These places have gained a popularity among business section that regularly check in at such places. The budget hotels offer their services at reasonable rates. The budget hotels are mostly occupied by the domestic tourists who are on small exploratory tours. These hotels provide the basic facilities of accommodation and catering and some additional services. The budget hotels are scattered throughout the region of Kolkata city.

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