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Budget Hotels

Hotel LyttonThe main emphasis of budget hotels is to provide good facilities and services to the maximum. The maximum in Kolkata city comprise of tourists primarily domestic, people from small business firms and travellers. The target audience of budget hotels has a wider base and as such quality is not the key. There are numerous budget hotels in Kolkata city as there is great demand for them. The budget hotels offer basic accommodation and catering and a few more amenities. The overall expenditure in budget hotels is fairly small compared to the high ended ones.

The budget hotels are scattered throughout the city and there number is more in the vicinity of popular stations of the city. The economy class has been the primary station for those stepping in the city for the first time. These hotels more or less suits the travellers and tourists who have to spend a little time indoors. The services provided by budget hotels are like 'OK, Will Do', but the reduction in expenses is like, 'Great'. Some popular budget hotels of the region include Hotel Rutt Deen, Lytton Hotel, Hotel Astoria, Great Eastern Hotel, etc.

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