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Kolkata Nightlife in Kolkata is popped with energy and excitement. The people of Kolkata are believed to have a natural bent of mind and as such very creative. Whatever the reason be but the consequence reveals active participation and adoption of versatile lifestyle by the upcoming generations. The nightlife that started as a phenomenon in the state towards the last decade of 20th century has engulfed the city in deep chasm, an eternal bliss. Younger generations prefer action based participation rather being mute audience in the cinema halls. For these people it is innovation, it is discovering the beautiful side of night if not life.

The nocturnal activities take a full blast at midnight in the city. The pubs, bars, coffee shops and discotheques come to life. There are drinks, glittering neon, sign boards and lots of noise. The dance floor rumbles and the music flows as more and more people come to these places. The best liqueurs and cocktails unfold under the roof of these places. Muscles move ad heart thumps with the beats produced by massive amplifiers. It is hard to define such feelings one experiences at these places. An appropriate term would be like expressing oneself or maybe living life to its full.

With the advent of all these avenues the characteristic features of Indian youth is fast changing. Fun and excitement at the rate of money is the motto of the clubs and discos in Kolkata and at large. The nightspots in the city are growing as more and more people come to beat the chill of the night. These places have become important also because of the courtship practices by young people. The urban and elite stratification are gone. It is party time and everyone is invited. The growing popularity of such places owes to the fact that the average spending power in the metropolitan cities have increased to a good lot.

The city also has many art and culture centres wherein performances are regularly hosted. The city as such caters to both the materialistic as well the aesthetic parts of its population. Cultural shows, Classical music, drama and more are organized at such places. Add to this the popular cinema and the picture of nightlife in Kolkata city reveals itself before the eyes. Some reputed nightspots include Anticlock Dance Club, Big Ben Dance Club, British Council Dance Theatre, Incognito Dance Club, Sunset Bar.

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