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Eden Garden

Eden Garden
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» Entry- Free
» Timing - open 24 hours

It is situated just adjacent to the stadium and has a glorious past.

About Eden Garden
Eden Garden is the oldest cricket ground in India and is also considered one of the finest in the world. It was created in 1840 and named after the sister of Lord Auckland, the former governer general. The idea was to make a Biblical - style garden of Eden in India. The expanse dotted with beautiful trees and shrubs is intersected by winding paths, and there is a large artificial lake. Adjoining the lake is the Pagoda which was brought to Kolkata from Burma after the British defeated the Burmese in the war of 1884. Near the garden you can take a pleasant walk along the bank of hooghly river.

Eden Gardens has an exclusiveness of its own. Ethereal and elusive the enduring charm of Eden Gardens has lent an aura of its own on cricketers past and present, young and old, competitive and friendly. Endearing and enchanting, the emerald green carpet and the earnest crowd have held tough men in flannels spellbound.

People who come here for chilling out are fascinated by its beauty and freshness. Even the habitu's of the park are obsessed with this groovy pagoda - a structure of mystic beauty. In 1852, this pagoda was first established in Prome, a city in Burma by Ms. Mannikin, a Burmese lady. The chief architect of this splendiferous pagoda was Mong Hue. He was ably assisted in this task by ten skilled carpenters. The work was completed within three months. It cost Rs1500 in those days. Built of exquisite Burmese segoon, the pagoda housed an idol of Gandhasa, whose forehead was studded with several precious jewels. Such a pagoda is called Taza-Ung.

Inside the Garden
Rows of benches are arranged inside the garden. Perched on the wooden benches, the elderly couples can often be seen ruminating. Young and romantic couples come here in search of some rare moments of undiluted, pure pleasure in the bosom of nature. People are also found lolling on the carpet of lush green grass under the cool shadows of the enveloping trees. Some are also found relaxing by the side of the pond in front of the pagoda. Indeed, this is a wonderful place for heaving a sigh of relief in a dull and sultry afternoon and enjoying a tryst with nature.

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