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Chandannagar is a small city lying to the north of the Kolkata city, at a distance of about 39 kms. Chandannagar, like Kolkata has its history dominated by the foreign rule. The small township was founded in the year 1673 by the French Power in India. There was a regular governing power change in the region among two great colonial powers, that is the French and the British. Chandannagar was primarily established as a trading post on the banks of River Hooghly. The French during the early years of establishment built about 2000 brick houses and trade reached high ends during those days (1730's to 1750's). There were regular regime changes till 1950 when the town was liberated and incorporated as a territorial part of India.

The present day Chandannagar has evolved as a small but established commercial centre in the West Bengal state. The city is provided with a number of attractions, but from tourists point of view the remains of the French buildings are incredible. The French structures that were erected received a heavy damage during the Napoleonic Wars. The ruins are living records of the French occupation as well the Napoleonic Wars. As a tourist destination, the attractions in the region consist of Museum, Strand, Church, Temples, Rabinda Bhavan, etc.

The Howrah Railway Station is about 34 kms from Chandannagar. One can board a train from this grand terminal. There are halt stations at Chandannagar and most of the trains stop at the station of Chandannagar.
By road one can avail the National Highway No. 4, after crossing Hooghly River and in the premises of Howrah.
The nearest airport is that of Kolkata.

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