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Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour, Kilkata
Diamond harbour is a small city situated at the point where river Ganges turns south, just before reaching the sea. The city as such stands on the delta region of the city. Diamond City forms one of the popular resorts for the Kolkata. Situated at a distance of about 48 kms from Kolkata, the region provides as a nice getaway from the crowded metropolitan city. The name Diamond Harbour was given by the British Power, as it used to be one of the major ports during British rule.

The entire region of Diamond Harbour forms an ideal tourist spot for the Kolkatans. The township provides river cruises. The cruises are the most sought tourist options in the locality. Equally important are the pilgrim centre Sharisha Ramakrishna Mission Ashram and the remains of a Portuguese Fort. The Fort is believed to have been the dwelling place of the pirates from the Portuguese. The place also has an old lighthouse that makes up the local attraction.

The nearby regions of Diamond have few more attractions and as such supplements to the reason for moving into the place. The neighboring township called Joynagar contains various manuscripts and stone images of Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira and Lord Vishnu. The region of Diamond Harbour is also a launch pad for the Sagar Island were the famous Ganga Sagar Fair is held.

By road the place can be reached by boarding a bus from the city center (Kolkata) or hiring a car. It takes less than two hours to reach the place from the city center.
Sealdah Railway Station also offers the accessibility option for moving into the region.

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