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Kolkata Ghats

Kolkata Ghats
Outram Ghat
Outram Ghat is situated along the Strand to the South of Babughat which was named after General Sir James Outram. This used to be the main mooring for ships to Bangladesh and Burma. This place is now an unique spot for people to chill out in the sweltering summer afternoons and evenings. It houses the Explorers Club, an association for marine adventurers. It also has a floating restaurant and you can find country boats for hire.

Princep Ghat
Between the Water Gate and the St George's Gate of the Fort William, on the riverbank is the Prinsep Ghat. It was built in 1843, James Princep was the secretary of 'The Asiatic Society' from 1832-1838. His life was a prolonged, tenacious research on meteorology, chemistry, Indian scriptures, numismatics, archaeology, mineral resources etc. His remembrable achievement in his life has been to decipher the doctrines of Emperor Ashoka, from the inscriptions in rocks and boulders.

He was also the Mint Master at Kolkata when he deciphered the Brahmi Script employed by Emperor Ashoka in his Edicts. James Prinsep was died on 22nd Aril, 1840 at a mere age of 41. The memorial is set in a square with Ionian Column s holding up a 40 foot roof. Afterlife of Prinsep, the people of Kolkata collected a fund and built the “Princep Ghat to commemorate their beloved man.

Annapurna Ghat
Anciently, Annapurna Ghat was known as Raghu Mitra's Ghat and his father was Govindo Ram Mitra. During the establishment of British, Govindo Ram was appointed as the 'black deputee'. Bishnu Ram Chakraborty of Bag Bazar became the 'Ameen' of Kolkata when Hastings was the Governor General. Before setting off for England, Hasting has presented him 52 acres of land. Bishnu Ram Chakraborty was built four Shiva temple in Raghy Mitra's Ghat in 1776 and he worshipped everyday of Goddess Annapurna and then the Ghat came to be known as Annapurna Ghat.

Armenian Ghat
Built by Manvel Hazaar Maliyan in 1734 was of Armenian origin and hence the ghat was named after him.. He had constructed the bell-room and tower atop the Armenian Church. The Kolkata station and Ticket Reservation Room of Eastern Railways was situated in Armenian Ghat from 1854-1874. Passengers take the ticket from here and then the launch or steamer of the Railways which used to ply from there to Howrah took them to Howrah. The passengers used to board the train from the platform at Howrah. This system was stop after the construction of Howrah Bridge. Horse-pulled trams used to ply from Sealdah to Armenian Ghat regularly. At present, Armenian Ghat has transformed into a store-house of the Port Commission.

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