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Kolkata Temples

Kolkata Temple
The tour package such as Kolkata Temples takes across various sacred places in and around the city. These tour packages are sometimes provided for very brief time slots like two to three day tours. However, some tour conducting agencies extend these packages and try to include most of the holy places which are scattered throughout the region and beyond. Some popular destinations of such tours include Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Belur Math, Chaitanyadev Temple, Bargabhima Temple, Dhirdham Temple, Hanseswari Temple, Ekteswara Temple, etc. The Schedule for such a tour is normally as :
Day 01
On the first day the tourists are received with warm welcome and shifted to their respective rooms. For tourists who have already reached the city, the tour starts from the next day. The tourists who book from outside the city premises are provided with accommodational facilities, catering and travel coveniences. The tourists who book within the city itself are provided catering and travel convenience only.
Day 02
The second day starts with the travel experiences right from the ghats at Belur Math and followed by trips to Dakshineswar Temple, Brindabanchandra Temple. The night that follows is free.
Day 03
On the third day the tour heads towards more places that lie beyond the city limits. The places to be seen on this day include Kapil Muni Temple, Kanak Durga Temple and Lalji Temple. It is an overnight stay.
Day 04
On the fourth day tourists are assisted to their departure stations and the tour ends. However, for extensive temple tour packages the tour continues but to the precincts of other districts of West Bengal. The destinations for such tours incorporate places like Chaitanyadev Temple, Bargabhima Temple, Dhirdham Temple, Hanseswari Temple, Ekteswara Temple, Dugdheshwar Shiva Temple, Jateshwarnath Temple, Kalyaneshwari Temple, Kapil Muni Temple and the Jaya Deva Temple.

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