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Writer's Building

Writers Building
Fact File
» Address :B.B.D,Bagh, Kolkata
» Phone No - 033-22355601,22353371

Writer's Building is situated in BBD Bag, Kolkata.

About Writer's Building
A massive red building was originally built as a residence for the British East India Company's clerical and administrative staff called as writers, hence the name Writers' building. This building summarises the political revolution of Bengal. The Chief Minister's office is also located in this building.

Modification of Writer's Building
Kolkata's present Writers' Building was first started as early as 1690. Within the periphery of the old fort, the junior writers or clerks of the East India Company used to stay in mud hovels. So it came to be known as the 'Writers' Building'. On 25th June, 1695, these hovels were destroyed by a tempest. Then, the second Writers' Building was constructed inside the old fort. In 1706, the new one-storeyed brick-built building was built. The other Writers' Building stood at the place where the G.P.O. or Fairly Place stand today.

The Writers' Building is well-maintained and perhaps does not face the threat of demolition by enterprising real estate developers in the near future. But the area surrounding the building, especially to its north, is in a state of utter chaos in contrast to its main entrance facing south.

The basic works of today's Writers' Building popularly known as 'Mahakaran' was completed in 1780. Then later, Barwell, the friend of Hastings and a member of the Committee, became the owner of this house. His children, handed over it to a trustee board which in turn was again rented to the Company. The Britons started using this house as private business and for fun and frolics. So the Company began to impose many restrictions on them which resultantly made the house vacant. In fact, the Fort William College of Kolkata was also established here in 1800. The College was however shifted from there in 1830. Later in 1836, Lord Bentinck prohibited the indiscriminate use of the house for private affairs. Between 1877 - 1882, Lt. Governor Ashley Eden founded the linchpin of the Government Department at this place. The present gigantic building covers 2.8 acres of land. It is 235 yards in width. A cluster of thirteen four-storeyed buildings, the 'Mahakaran' stands on 10 acres of land. Today, at least 6000 employees work here.

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